Putting Birds First 


At KAYTEE®, we feel privileged to be involved in an endeavor that brings so much enjoyment to so many people. It is our mission to provide a quality product to enhance your enjoyment of birds. As a company, we are passionate about the care of wild birds and their environment today and tomorrow. The KAYTEE Avian Foundation is an example of how we are Putting Birds First.


Kaytee Avian Foundation

KAYTEE Avian Foundation

The KAYTEE Avian Foundation is a non-profit corporation established to enhance people's knowledge and enjoyment of birds through education, conservation and research. The Foundation supports projects locally and globally focusing on these three areas, and awards grants every Fall.  Flying Wild and Project Wild bird are two programs that illustrates KAYTEE’s love of backyard birding, and the company’s commitment to enhancing that experience.   

Birds are an integral part of our lives.  Join KAYTEE in its efforts to make a difference in saving birds’ habitat and learning more about companion and wild bird populations. For information on past and present programs, as well as how you can take action, visit www.kaytee.com/avian-foundation.


Bio BrasilThe Hyacinth Project:

BioBrasil Foundation
Currently, 18,000 acres have been purchased in the southwest part of the state of Piaui, Brazil. In this cerrado habitat (dry grassland with gallery forests and cliffs) the Hyacinth Macaw finds plenty of palm nuts and perfect nesting cavities in the red, cliff faces. BioBrasil manages the area as a preserve for the endangered macaws and many other avian species, as well as the endangered Maned Wolf. Along with grants and other funding the preserve is also maintained through ecotourism. Ecotourism will, in the long run, prove self-sustaining and will benefit the community by providing employment. Visitors have an amazing opportunity to see Hyacinths in their natural habitat. Ecotourism is growing and local people are employed in various jobs: guides, hosts, cooks, etc. for the increased number of visitors.


project wildbirdProject Wild Bird
KAYTEE Avian Foundation is a key supporter of Project Wildbird, a landmark $1 million study of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute Research Foundation.  Project Wildbird utilized hundreds of citizen scientists who observed wild bird feed and feeder preferences United States and Canada.  The goal of the study was to produce concrete evidence of bird species’ preferences for particular grains and seeds.

Why is this information valuable? Because it can be used as a resource in differentiating formulas and showing why one mix is better suited for a particular use.  It will also allow the consumer to make more informed decisions as to which product to purchase.  And finally, it will help the Wild Bird Industry move closer to the ultimate goal of improving the wild bird experience for the end users, the hobbyist and the birds themselves.

Other key questions of the study included:
  • What are the seed preferences of birds that use feeders in the U.S. and Canada?  
  • Are seed preferences of birds equivalent in different regions of the U.S. and Canada?  
  • Are seed preferences equivalent at different times of the year?  
  • What are the feeder style preferences of birds in the U.S. and Canada?  
  • Is there an interaction between a seed preferences and feeder preferences? For example, when a particular type of seed is available, do birds go to feeders they normally would not visit?  
To learn more about this unique initiative, please visit www.projectwildbird.org.  

flying windFlying Wild
The KAYTEE Avian Foundation awarded a grant to Flying WILD, a program of the Council for Environmental Education.  This important education program introduces students to bird conservation through standards-based classroom activities and environmental stewardship projects.  Flying WILD encourages schools to work closely with conservation organizations, community groups, and businesses involved with birds to implement school bird festivals and bird conservation projects. Visit www.flyingwild.org for curriculum guides, training opportunities and ways you can get involved.