Visual Based Blends

Songbirds rely on their eyesight to find food, but they see things differently than humans. The colors that give them their beautiful feathers also affect their vision.

Color Spectrum PrismThe pigments that create beautiful red feathers for the cardinal, for example, also make cardinals see colors and contrasts differently than we do. KAYTEE® Regional Blends were formulated to be more attractive to colorful songbirds using colors and contrasts most visible to species in a given region.


So how do visual based blends work? We balance three key traits:
 1 - Nutrition and energy
First we start with a healthful blend of grains that naturally attract a great variety and number of birds.

 2 - Contrast for visibility
Lighter and darker grains are added or reduced to make the blends easier for songbirds in a given region to see. This also helps the birds select their preferred grains, so they find Regional Blends easier to eat.

 3 - Preferred ingredients added for regional species
Safflower is often included in wild bird food because we know cardinals love it. But it is a very light color grain, so we add darker grains to maintain good contrast and color.


Regional Blends are:

  • Healthful
  • Easier to find
  • Easier to eat
  • and they naturally attract more colorful songbirds